Week 8

LUCKY ME [White Rick, B.C.] by James Goulden

Week 7

DELICATE Macro Snowflakes by Suzanne Goulden
GREENERY [Lime] by N-10/11

Week 2

Treetops by James Goulden
Taken at the Manitoba Museum.

Weathered by Dave Isbister

This photo that I took is of a door, they think, is over 90 years old. Philips Brewing Company bought the land in 1992 and this door was in the basement of the whorehouse. So they decided to install it as their side entrance to there storage area. I asked around, but no one really knows were the door came from or why it was there. I thought it was super cool. Obviously, they had to retro fit it so it’s not 100% old anymore, but I thought it was a really cool door.

Movement by N-10/11
A happy accident!

Monochrome by Suzanne Goulden

Our family took a photography adventure visit to the Manitoba Museum. I was thrilled to take this photo and realize how well it fit the “monochrome” theme. You never know when you’re going to get that just right photo. I find it’s better to go on photo adventures to see what you get, rather than go on a photo mission of looking for something in particular. A photo adventure is more fun and spontaneous!

Week 1

Under Construction by Dave Isbister

This photo was taken at Sooke Potholes [British Columbia, Canada]. In 1982, a man named Albert Yuen purchased the land next to the potholes to build a five star resort. After about 10 years of rezoning and material shortages the resort was only 20% complete. The rest was never built. In 2004 the City of Sooke took over the property and it is now closed off to the public. There is little that remains of the property, considering it’s hanging off a cliff. It’s a miracle the ruins are still there. This picture is of one of its huge fire pits.

LUCKY ME – Prairie Chickens by N-10/11
Details by Suzanne Goulden

I attended an art show. This piece is by artist Dawn Knight. It is called “Occupied Space (too much/not enough).” This is a representation of the artist’s body weight in sand, quilting fabric, acrylic and wood. [2019].

The Photography Challenge

Suzanne, the organizer of the challenge, follows blogger Of Maria Antonia. She does an annual photography challenge and through 2019, Suzanne looked forward to her weekly posts. When she posted the 2020 challenge, Suzanne decided to join in and invited some friends and family members to join her.

The photographers are Dave, James, N-10/11, Suzanne.

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