My passion for photography started when I was a teenager. In fact, it was stoked by the photographs I saw in National Geographic magazines and planet Earth on television. Although i didn’t start taking up photography until I was much older, about two years ago. I’ve learned a lot, mostly I’m self-taught, I’ve watched lots of tutorials and some friends who are freelancers have helped me along the way. I’ve discovered that not only do I have a passion for looking at photographs but also getting out there and learning to do it myself.

I’ve set some goals for 2020, this photo challenge being one of them. This challenge of taking one subject a week will open me up to explore more diverse subjects, categories, perspectives and types of photography. I’m excited and can’t wait to see everyone’s work.

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For me, pictures capture the moment and bring back forgotten memories. In my younger life, I never took pictures. My wife has always had a camera on hand and filled books with moments from our life. Each time I look through the books I am reminded of forgotten times and smiles.

I want to take this challenge to express myself and capture moments from my perspective and push my creativity.

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Marguerite Lindsey

I decided to take the photography challenge because I take a lot of photos but then I don’t do much with them. This way I’m challenged to post a picture once a week.

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N – age 10/11

I’ve seen many wonderful pictures and wondered if I could do one as good as those. Whenever I went on a trip I saw beautiful landscapes and wondered could I take a picture of that? Well, first I needed a camera. I asked for a camera two years ago for Christmas. I got one, so I tried to take pictures. I thought it was gonig to be easy, but I was wrong. I liked hte challenge though. I took a couple of pictures with my camera nad realized they were better then I thought. This past Christmas, I asked for a better camera. I set myself goals, like taking a picture that is peaceful in the summer on a farm, or taking a nice winter scene.

When I heard about this challenge, I thought it would be a good experience for my photography.

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I’ve been dabbling in photography for years (decades, really). In high school I was on the yearbook committee for five years and I learned so much. I’ve always taken pictures of my kids as they grew up and so many when we travel. I’m mostly self taught, with some online courses thrown in here and there. About five years ago I got really serious about photography more as an art form and took my camera out often. I love trying to get interesting angles. Then in 2019, I didn’t take my camera out at all. I only took pics on my phone.

I was excited about this challenge because I want to get back in to photography again and a weekly commitment will keep it top of mind. I invited some others to join to help keep me accountable!

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